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Bionic Systems Group

Welcome to our webpage!

Welcome to the Bionic Systems Group webpage. Our activities focus on the development of technologies to improve healthcare and advance bioscience.  Read more







Highlights from the 2021-2022 academic year

  • After two years of delays, we will at last host the Whitaker Neuroengineering Workshop in Cambrige this August.


  • Emma Sun earned a James Dyson Foundation Bursary award for her IIB project on electro-osmotic pumps. Congrats Emma!


  • Gavin Summers and Atharva Pradhan earned a Best Poster award at the 2022 Cambridge Bioengineering Conference. Congrats Gavin and Atharva!


  • The group was awarded a NIHR i4i Product Development Award with co-Lead PI neurosurgeon Damiano Barone. The three year project will focus on clinical translation of our minimally invasive spinal cord stimulator system.

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